Tinting windows in your vehicle offers multiple benefits.

  • Helps Avoid Overheating
  • Holds Shattered Glass
  • Reduce Glare while Driving
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Prevent Dash Cracking
  • Prevent Interior Fading & Degrading
  • Helps Protect against UV Rays

Types of Auto Tint

Clear Tint

Clear Tint is a ceramic film that provides good UV protection without altering the appearance of the glass. In addition, the metal-free design doesn’t distort electronic communication devices.

Mirror Tint

Mirror Tint is a metal dyed tint. It has style and spectacular UV protection,. It also provides glare reduction and heat repulsion. Comes in charcoal, bronze, and blue tint shades.

Dyed Charcoal Tint

Dyed Charcoal Tint is more cost-effective option. It provides amazing glare reduction and good heat repulsion without visual distortions.

Metal Dyed Tint

Metal Dyed Tint is designed to be better than dyed only tints by repulsing more of the sun’s rays. It tends to be darker in tone. Comes in charcoal, bronze, and blue shades.

Carbon Tint

Carbon Tint is a Non-reflective black tint that is spectacular for keeping the vehicle interior cool. It is the best economic option, due to this tint helping the AC from over-running.

CIR Series

CIR Series is an upgraded ceramic tint. It blocks 99% of damageing UV rays and non-reflective. Comes in a range of shade levels.

Evolve Series

The Evolve Series is the highest-performing tint. Similarly to the CIR Series, can also block 99% of UV rays. In addition, it can block 94% of infrared heat.

Commercial & Residential

Solar Pro Tint Window View

Building tinting can also be very beneficial.

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Protect Wall Art & Pictures
  • Reduce Chances of Furniture Fires
  • Protect Carpet & Drapes from Degradation
  • Enhanced Privacy 

Types of Building Tint

Solar Film

Solar Film helps reduce glare and hotspots cause by the sun. It also is amazing for home heating and cooling.

Security Film

Security Film provides an extra layer of protection. This film is great for preventing more damage to windows. Is available in 4 series.

Specialty Film

Specialty Film a stylish film that is available in white, white matte, black, crystal, and mirror. Is available in 6 series.

Tint Scale

Percentage is by visibility.

No Tint